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Zebra Heart Nail Decals


UNIQUELY U NAIL DESIGNS BY XTREME BLING! Super cute Zebra Hearts fingernail decals includes 48 easy to apply nail decals in 3 sizes to fit every nail! Each size includes 16 each of 1 different designs. Decals are easy to apply and will last approximately 1-3 weeks depending on what top coat you use. They can be used with gel nails also and will last 2-3 weeks with a gel top coat.

Application Instructions:

Decals look best over clear, white or light colored polish...anything that is white in the decal will be clear and will show the color of your polish through it because printers don't print in white.

1. Cut out decals as precise and close to the design as possible.

2. Place the decal on your finger or table surface with the white side facing up and the design facing down.

3. Using a Q-tip or wet finger get the back (white) of the decal wet (about 1-2 drops of water).

4. After a few seconds you can slide the white paper away from the decal.

5. The side of the decal that slides away from the white paper is the side you want to put on your nail and its a little sticky. Its easiest to use tweezers for this.

6. Place the decal on your nail sticky side down where you want it. Gently press it with your finger or wet Q-tip then let dry.

7. Apply a top coat and let dry or seal with a U.V lamp if the top coat is Gel.

I can also make just about any design or logo so please convo me if you need something special!

Our normal processing time is 7-10 business days (not including weekends or holidays). Custom fabric prints and Personalized name prints are at a 3-4 week processing time.  Bow orders can take 10-15 business days currently and team orders longer...please email us for a timeline on bows and team bows if timing is important! Please be aware that there may be times when orders are slightly delayed do to us being in charge of my mother in laws estate and having to deal with different issues and splitting our time between work and her estate.  I will do my best to keep this notice updated if there are delays!!! Thank you so much! ALL CUSTOMS AND DUTIES FEES FOR SHIPMENTS SHIPPED OUT OF THE UNITED STATES ARE THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PURCHASER. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE FEES. IF IT HAS NOT BEEN THE SPECIFIED PROCESSING TIMES FOR YOUR TYPE OF ORDER PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US AS YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A REPLY. WE ARE VERY BUSY AND CANNOT ANSWER THOSE TYPES OF EMAILS OR MESSAGES! WE WILL ANSWER EMAILS IF THE CORRECT AMOUNT OF TIME HAS PASSED!